Behavioural Counselling for Pets

You may have used the phrase “They are not usually like this” a few times too many when your pet is misbehaving. It can be overwhelming and difficult to manage your pet’s behavioural issues by yourself and that’s why we are here to help. During our behavioural counselling sessions, we identify the cause of your pet’s behaviour and find healthy ways to manage them. To book an appointment for a behavioural counselling session for your pet, call us at 604-885-2309.

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Does my pet need behavioural counselling?

From time to time, it can be normal for pets to misbehave. However, if their behaviour becomes disruptive, harmful to others, or hard to manage, they may benefit from professional help. Your pet may be experiencing mental health issues from a traumatic experience, or they may be having separation anxiety. It’s also important to keep in mind that a change in the behaviour of your pet might also be a sign of underlying health issues. If you notice a change in your pet’s behaviour for an extended amount of time, please bring them in to see one of our veterinarians. 

What are the signs of problematic behaviour I should look out for?

Not all furry companions are the same. It may vary from pet to pet but some common behavioural issues pets may exhibit are:

  • Aggression towards other animals or people
  • Excessive barking, biting or pacing
  • Excessive peeing, licking or scratching

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