Microchipping for Pets

To our furry friends, the adventures may seem limitless. Unfortunately, finding their way home may not be second nature. Microchipping helps us return your pet home to you should they get lost. As a permanent means of ID, you can sleep better knowing that should your pet ever get away, they can easily be identified and returned to you. To get your pet microchipped, call us at 604-885-2309 to book an appointment. 

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What is a microchip?

A pet microchip is a small device and permanent form of identification that contains your most recent contact information and important details about your pet’s health. However, it is not a GPS meaning it cannot track your pet’s specific whereabouts. Something to note is that it’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date should the microchip need to be scanned. This way, you can easily be contacted and reunited with your pet.

How is the microchip implanted in my pet?

Microchipping is a fairly painless procedure safe for all pets. Using a small needle, we implant the microchip under the skin usually between your pet’s shoulder blades. They may feel a tiny pinch but our team does their best to make sure they are relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Once it’s done, we then scan the microchip to see if it’s reading properly and your furry companion is free to go on more safe adventures with you.

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