Why is Pet Identification so Important?

Pet Identification (Pet ID) is the most important thing that you could do to keep your pet safe.  Does your pet go outside?  Does your pet travel with you?  If yes, then are you prepared if your pet gets lost or injured? How will your pet get home to you safe? The Answer is Pet ID. Here are 3 ways that are very beneficial:

  1. A Microchip
  2. A Tattoo
  3. A Collar with a tag

A Microchip is a small transponder with a small glass coating. It’s very durable and is the size of a gain of rice. It is placed between the shoulder blades of the pet just under the skin. It carries an ID number that carries a code, which identifies the pet to the owner.

If the pet is ever lost or injured, and ends up at any animal control/shelter or veterinary hospital the pet will be scanned for a microchip. When the microchip is found, the microchip company is phoned and then the owner of the pet is identified and contacted. Microchips can be read throughout North America and have reunited hundreds of pets to their owners.

A Tattoo is a 3 number 3 letter code placed in the pets’ right ear. The three numbers are the pet’s number, the first 2 letters identify the hospital who performed the tattoo and the following letter identifies the year it was done. If a pet is lost or injured and brought into any animal control center/shelter in the province the tattoo is traced tot he animal hospital and the owner is contacted. It is imperative that an owner keeps all contact information up to date with the animal hospital that performed the tattoo incase the owner needs to be contacted.

A Collar and tag is a simple way of pet ID. With a name, address, and phone number on the tag, a pet can be easily reunited with their owners if ever lost or injured. If the pet has a microchip tag or even a rabies tag on the collar, this can also aid in the reuniting of a pet to their owner. Collar tags can gall off if a pet is at large so having a tattoo or microchip in addition to a collar tag is recommended.

All forms of Pet ID are important and beneficial for the safety of your pet. Cats and dogs must have identification on them at all times. It does not matter if the cats are strictly indoor cats or if the dog only goes to relieve itself in your fenced backyard. Cats and dogs can and do escape all the time. One of your best recovery elements if they ever run away, get lost or injured is their identification.

the obvious point is that multiple ID methods are the best choice for your pet. Please don’t hesitate to call us and talk about the options now. Once your pet is lost it may be too late.